Jaminan perdagangan Harga Murah Mesin Pemotong Portabel Cnc Plasma Untuk Stainless Steel Matel Iron

Rincian Cepat

Kondisi: Baru
Daya Terukur: 7.5kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 3450*2280*2050
Berat: 1000KG
Sertifikasi: CE ISO
Garansi: 2 Tahun
Layanan Purna Jual Disediakan: Insinyur tersedia untuk melayani mesin di luar negeri
Nama Produk: cnc plasma cutting machine from china
Color: Red Yellow
Memotong bahan: Logam Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminium
Aplikasi: Pemotongan Logam Industri
Sistem kontrol: Sistem Kontrol Starfire
Kecepatan potong: 0-8000mm / mnt
Working Area: 1300mm*2500mm
Moving Speed: 0-50m/min
Machine drawing Software: FASTCAM software /Ucancam
Motor & Driver: Stepper motor & Leadshine driver

Aplikasi Produk

Mesin pemotong plasma CNC applications industry:
Ship Building, Construction Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aerospace Industry, Bridge Building, military industrial, wind power, Structural Steel, Boiler containers, Agriculture Machinery, Chassis electrical cabinets, Elevator manufacturers, Textile Machinery, Environmental protection equipment,etc

Mesin pemotong plasma CNC applications Materials:
Semua jenis bahan logam seperti baja, tembaga, aluminium, dan stainless steel dapat diproses. Berlaku untuk plat besi, plat aluminium, lembaran galvanis, pelat Baja Putih, pelat Titanium, dan sebagainya seperti lembaran logam.


Parameter teknis

plasma power
HuaRong /HuaYuan /Hypertherm plasma power
Area kerja
 1300mm*2500mm also can manufacture the working areaaccording to your requirement
Kecepatan memotong
Kecepatan Pindah
0-50 m / mnt
Presisi pemotongan
 ± 0,5mm
Plasma Generator
Machine total Power
Tegangan input
Motor & Driver
Stepper motor & Leadshine driver
Sistem pengaturan
 STARTFIRE control system
Machine drawing Software
FASTCAM software /Ucancam
Transfer File
Antarmuka USB
Frekuensi kekuatan
50 HZ
Untouched arc striking


Fitur utama

1. Beam with light structural design, the structure has good rigidity, light weight, exercise inertia and low cost.

2. Gantry-type structure, Y-axis synchronous dual-motor drive and XYZ axis with circular rail (optional formula-type linear guide), steady transmission, and high accuracy.

3. For advertising solid light, groove metal panel and bottom plate of the word for cutting, cutting accuracy good indicator. If equipped with the U.S. Treasure plasma power can achieve lower laser cutting machine.

4. And other advertising devices(vacuum forming machines, gear cutting machine) to form ad word processing pipeline, completely solve the traditional way of manual processing. Improve efficiency several times.

5. Cutting speed, high accuracy and low cost.

6. CNC system configuration high, automatic arc, stable performance, the success rate of 99% arc.

7. Support Wentai, Beihang Haier, ARTCAM, Type3 software such as the standard G code path generated file can also be read by software conversion software such ad AUTOCAD generated DXF formats. U disk exchange control system processing files, easy to operate.

8. Plasma torch power supply and supporting all famous brands, a number of national patents by the manufacturers.